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Sunday, Oct 25th, 9:00am Sunday Reformation Worship service - "What Does It Mean To Follow Jesus?" Matthew 16:24-28

Sunday, Oct 18th, 9:00am Sunday Conformation Worship service - "Do You Eeally Want People To Be Saved?" Romans 10:1, 12-17

Sunday, Oct 11th, 11:00am Sunday Conformation Worship service - "Continue In Christ's Word" John 8:31-32

To View Sunday, Oct 4th, 9:00am Sunday Worship service - "Jesus Does All Things Well!" Mark 7:31-37

To View Sunday, Sept 27th, 9:00am Sunday Worship service - "Beware Of False Prophets" Matthew 7:15-23

To View Sunday, Sept 20th, 9:00am Sunday Worship service - "What Comes Out Of The Mouth Is From The Heart" Matthew 12:33-37

To View Sunday, Sept 13th, 9:00am Sunday Worship service - "Life In Christ-Living By The Spirit" Romans 8:1 - 17

To View Sunday, Sept 06th, 9:00am Sunday Worship service - "The Faithful Steward" Luke 12:42-48

To View Sunday, Aug 30th , 9:00am Sunday Worship service - "Have You Discovered the Greatest Treasure In All The World" - Matthew 13:44-52

To ViewWorship Services for 08/016/2020 - "True Worship Is Repentant Hearts, Jeremiah 7:1-7"

To ViewWorship Services for 08/09/2020 - "Why Plant New Churches?"

To ViewWorship Services for 08/02/2020 - "Which Road Are You On Today" Matthew 7:13 & 14.

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